LE 1200 black / sasna gender

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Product Description

The kitchen table LE 1200 has a rectangular tabletop with 6 seats, equipped with a telescope sliding design. The 50 cm long insert slides out smoothly along the grooves, allowing you to quickly and silently organize two guest seats that are not inferior in comfort to the main ones. Equally free leg space is ensured by extending the racks to the extreme points of the perimeter.


The tabletop is made of HPL plastic in graphite color, imitating the texture of pine. The surface is indistinguishable from natural wood both visually and at the level of tactile sensations (warm, smooth, embossed). High Pressure Laminate has extremely high performance characteristics:

  • not damaged by contact with metal (can be scratched with a knife);
  • does not absorb coloring pigments and is easily cleaned from stains (including traces of markers and ink);
  • has a heat resistance of more than 210° (a smoldering cigarette left no burn marks);
  • does not change bactericidal properties under the influence of chemical reagents, including acids, alkalis, solvents;
  • environmentally friendly – does not oxidize under the influence of food products, contacting them without harm to human health.


The base is made of steel profile with a section of 120×45 mm. Black tinting is done using the thermal dyeing method, which provides a coating that is resistant to mechanical damage.


K Kenner


Dark gray



External size

when folded: 120×80 cm, height: 76 cm, when unfolded: 170×80 cm