Verda Veil Light 180*200

42.000 Դ


Product Description

The Verda Veil Light protective cover is designed specifically for tall mattresses from the Verda collection with a 10 cm high Eurotop. This cover will protect the mattress from dirt on all sides, covering the top of the mattress. The cover is made of White pearl knitwear with a voluminous texture. This is a wear-resistant material, durable and pleasant to the touch. Due to the volumetric structure of the fabric, it has a light massage effect. The cover is securely attached to the mattress thanks to the elastic band located around the perimeter. The light gray color of the cover allows you to use bedding of any color on top of it.
Recommended mattress height 10-12 cm


Country of manufacture



Light gray


Polyester and spandex

External size