DryLight Double Pack120*200

36.000 Դ

Product Description

Double Pack is a set of two protective covers of the same size. Save 30% on the cost of two separate cases! You can change the cover depending on the situation and your preferences. For example, use one while the other is in the wash, give it as a gift to relatives and friends, or use it as a guest option. The mattress cover has a top made of Tencel fabric (100% Tencel), which has a 100% waterproof “membrane” coating applied on the reverse side. The side of the cover is made of cotton fabric (50% cotton, 50% polyester); the cover has an elastic band along the bottom of the side for fastening to the mattress.
The cover is easy to use: it can be washed in a regular washing machine, it is easy to put on and remove from the mattress, has a long service life and an attractive appearance. Using a Dry Light cover is ideal protection that prevents your mattress from becoming dirty, the proliferation of microorganisms, and the development of allergic reactions.
Function Moisture resistant
Thickness 0.1 cm
Life time 5 years
Recommended mattress height 15-27 cm



Country of manufacture





satin jacquard, մանրաթել

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