Megapolis Office Nude 160*200

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Layers: astas Megapolis, memory effect (Memorix), copper (provides the right microclimate), high-density foam, a layer of natural and artificial fibers (Thermal fiber), an independent spring layer Adaptive Spring (1020 springs per bed), a layer of natural and artificial fibers (Thermal fiber), base foam (provides the right the work of the layers).
• Material with a “memory effect” adapts to the contour of your body and allows you to take the most comfortable position during sleep and rest and allows you to relax
• Foam material with the addition of copper will provide an antibacterial effect and thermoregulation during sleep
• Highly resilient, high-density foam distributes load and withstands intense use
• A cover made of voluminous knitwear with thermoregulating properties will help maintain the optimal microclimate of the sleeping area
• Single-sided mattress – no need to turn over every season
• Possibility to choose the color of the cover


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Gray, White

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