Comby Middle Hard 160*200

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Product Description

Layers: coconut, bi coconut, independent spring layer: 9 more zones (512 springs per sleeping place), high density foam
• Zoned spring block will provide comfort and proper support for the spine.
• Different stiffness of the sides will allow you to choose the desired level of comfort and support.
• Modern fillings in the mattress provide excellent conditions for relaxation.
• The 3Mesh mesh, located around the entire perimeter of the mattress, ensures good moisture and air exchange (the mattress is constantly ventilated from the inside).
• The soft and fluffy knitted cover will delight you with its elegant design.
• It is comfortable to sleep and easy to get up from the mattress thanks to the reinforced sides along the length of the mattress.
Guarantee 1.5 years.
When purchased and used with a protective cover “Ormatek” – 10 years.




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