Assembly of furniture

Assembly of the furniture can be done either at the purchaser’s apartment territory or in our warehouse (depending on the furniture type).

This service   is free of charge but the purchaser can refuse it. In this case, when receiving the furniture, it should be checked carefully whether there are any damages on it. Should there be any problems, we guarantee the replacement of damaged parts in a short period of time. It’s noticeable that assembling furniture by own efforts can cause damages and in this case company doesn’t take any responsibility for the occurred problems.


Delivery terms and conditions

  • Our furniture is delivered throughout the whole territory of Armenia in 1-3 days.
  • The delivery within Yerevan is free of charge, outside Yerevan border – charged additionally. It also may be arranged by the purchaser directly from the warehouse. 
  • You will be informed about delivery dates when formulating the order. 
  • Usually it is done within one working day. If you live in an apartment building, our workers will lift the furniture absolutely free of charge (if there are all the necessary conditions for safe lifting). 
    • If the furniture is bigger in size and the corridors, doorways, stairs, etc. are narrower and may cause damages to the goods, lifting must be only done under the responsibility of the buyer.